Eckhart Tolle is Dangerous to your Success

I think its important to see what the man behind the book looks like:

Living in the Now

We all spend a little bit too much time worrying about the future, about what might be, and perhaps beating ourselves up about our past mistakes, or misfortunes.

This inherent guilt and general dissatisfaction with our lives, turns our minds into ideal manure for the seeds to be planted by spiritual self-help guru's.

This is the world that turns a pseudo- spiritual guru like Eckhart Tolle with his book "The Power of Now" into a best selling author. This master plagiarist of universal truisms and cliches, cobble together books that no-one can really disagree with, and if you read it with enough literary freedom, you can easily mistake it for profound wisdom. Vagueness with a few truisms mixed in, makes for very convincing reading, once you ignore a few self contradictions.

Who can disagree with the statement that the only moment we have to interact with this world is the present?

He makes further "profound" statements such as the following:

The One Life, the one consciousness that pervades the entire universe and takes temporary form to experience itself as a stone or blade of grass, as an animal, a person, a star or a galaxy.

Can you sense deep within that you already know that? Can you sense that you already are That?

Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to ``die before you die`` --- and find that there is no death.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover that the decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life, but are full of life themselves. Microorganisms are at work. Molecules are rearranging themselves. So death isn't to be found anywhere. There is only the metamorphosis of life forms. What can you learn from this?

Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth.

All the misery on the planet arises due to a personalized sense of "me" or "us."

Humanity is under great pressure to evolve because it is our only chance of survival as a race. This will affect every aspect of your life and close relationships in particular. Never before have relationships been as problematic and conflict ridden as they are now.

The book really paints vivid word pictures, of well, uhm, a vague sense of profound beauty, that is rather, uhm misty!

The only valid point Tolle has is this: it is mentally unhealthy to obsess endlessly over things that we didn't cause in the past, and over things we can't control in the present, and over things that have no likelihood in the future.

He doesn't need 220 pages to make that point. He doesn't need a book. He doesn't even need a whole page within a book.

In fact his teachings can be quite dangerious in that its urging us to reduce the amount of time we spend planning for the future. Remember you are on this planet for a while, and most things worthwhile is created over a long period of time, and usually involves some aspect of long range planning and long term vision.

He also advocates dropping the past fast, which avoids putting sufficient time and attention into FIRST acknowledging and accepting the past - and thereby learning from it before we discard it.

All this living for the present stuff I believe is what is largely responsible for people racking up massive credit card debts with no concern for the future of how this will be repaid.

Basically, he wants people to stop thinking so much. Sorry Eckhart, but not all of us can wander around for years at a time, sleeping on park benches in a state of euphoria. (He claims his wisdom came to him while he was wondering and sleeping on park benches for two years... I kid you NOT)

One of my friends, Carl, had this to say, on the topic of "Living for the Now":

I hate it when people say you should live like you're going to die today, because you simply shouldn't. You should save money based on a realistic life expectancy. If I _knew_ I would die tomorrow, I would do something amazing and not be worried about the cost. Hell, I would borrow money if I was sure someone else wouldn't be left with a hefty debt. I would probably buy some top quality heroin for the last few moments and do something enriching and engrossing tonight, perhaps with some stimulants so that I didn't have to sleep.

All in all, _really_ bad long term strategies become viable short-term strategies and vice-versa.

Others also have been critical of Eckhart Tolle's teachings:

Debunking the power of now,7166,page=13,54633,55637

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Comment by Well Done :
We all aggree your ego is to big

Comment by Billy :
You use Today tonight to prove a point... I guess you also read the hearld sun

Comment by Terry :
Ok you have stated the truth here. I agree we must not live in the past but, we must reconcile with it when the toughts
and feelings pop up in our mind. To face them head on and move on and not deny or repress them. Also. being in the
present all the time. Its not all its cracked up to be and will drive you mad trying to make sure you in the present
constantly. If there is something you need to be in the present for at the the time. Then be there now. A meeting, A
conversation and while dining be conscious of eating. If there is no reason then don not drive your self mad. He like
Oprah are new age Luciferian Liars and sending the masses to fake awakenings and realizations.

Comment by Djinghis :
Eckhart is an ECHOING CYMBAL - a FAKE poor anti-Christ creature!

Comment by Rose :
You spelled dangerous wrong.

Comment by Isaac :
I\'m sorry but eckhart tolle is fucked the fuck up..I am not egotistical but i love my human race and will defend it.
This man is telling people NOT TO THINK and telling you doing so is fake or phony self...the fuck, excusme but tolle is
making millions off of telling people what they\'ve already heard from 17 different directions....BE YOURSELF...except
adding not thinking...which is degenerative and ignorant 

Comment by Arnold :
I am not a defender of Tolle, but your point of objecting him on an account of neglecting the worldly life that you call
reality is questionable to me, Is that worldly life as important as you think ? Our civilization is speeding up the
extinction of human race. Obsession to money, economic growth, success, efficiency, longevity, convenient gadgetry and
physical pleasure is not really beneficial to us, but most people are so obsessed that they don\'t agree. I hope we 
live a life that is spiritually rich, and physically modest.


Comment by paula :
Dear soul, 
All because you do  not understand his message doesn\\\'t mean it has no meaning.  You hold us..human beings as so
gullible and you..who are you?  Ae you the smart kid a head of the class. Are you the Cynic  that has had too many
things unravel so truth is shrouded in her unmet grief?  Are you the big brother that protects when it is uncalled for
instead enabling others to depend on you for their answers leaving them with less self esteem?  What motivates your
rolled eyes and push against someone speaking his truth as he experiences it?  He has never and neither has Oprah ever
coined him as any Messiah . He is only a man that speaks and his message receives a huge  response.  So you think these
people who respond  follow like sheep..His message is about waking up and being responsible to the love that is already
there in you...  His message never says anything about not taking care of ourselves he is merely pointing out
that below the ego: self centered personality is our true essence and this essence if observed/expereinced is in all
living things.  It is what opens the flower... and this essence below your \\\"Being right\\\" is your own bubbling
brook informing you when you listen.  It is the voice that whispers under your anger and is the one that cries
at the beautiful sunrise when no one else can see you...  It is your response to the child when in pain... it lives in
your belly..your power is in your softness.

Comment by :
I don\'t think that he is saying that we shouldn\'t think or plan for tomorrow. All he is doing is giving us a guide to
zone out every so once in a while. Constant thinking can be tiresome and unproductive.
He has given us a portal into that consciousness which has the ability to pull you out of depression and despair. But
then again I am thinking, so I might be wrong. And also these0are just words which can\'t always convey the whole
thought in logical steps which everyone can relate with. 

Comment by Naz :
I don\'t think that he is saying that we shouldn\'t think or plan for tomorrow. All he is doing is giving us a guide to
zone out every so once in a while. Constant thinking can be tiresome and unproductive.
He has given us a portal into that consciousness which has the ability to pull you out of depression and despair. But
then again I am thinking, so I might be wrong. And also these0are just words which can\'t always convey the whole
thought in logical steps which everyone can relate with. 

Comment by :
Wow I can\'t believe your narrow mind, I can\'t believe how people just tend to Critize things they don\'t even
understand. Anyways just like was Jesus Christ was critize... Eckhart, Donald Walsh, Budda, Madre teresa & many more
will be too. Open up your  hearts let go of your Ego grow up listen & learn from your past but, live in the now, The now
that\'s the only thing the exist. There no Past or future only the now! Wow you need to find yourself because you are so
lost buddy G*d may blessed you.

Comment by Egmond Petzoldt :
I can\'t stand the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, but not for the reasons you do. 
You state that his teachings are vague and full of truisms that you can\'t really disagree with. If you are a true
ninja, step in and fight, test  his words against your own spiritual truth and do not stand on the side looking on and
making vague objections staying safely in your comfort zone.

Comment by Martha :
I agree with your assessment.  He is a being trying to capitalize on people\'s weaknesses.  He is misdirecting people in
their search for truth, responsibility, and true happiness.  I believe his teachings are indeed a part of the New Age
Religion.  It is easy to see that this Eckhart, Urich, whatever he does, or doesn\'t call himself, is a very confused
soul.  We would all fare well to turn away from him and his anxiety, depressed based false teachings.  Having Oprah
support him is a wonderful affirmation that with all the money in the world, you must not be happy if you can fall for
his rubbish.  His mentor is self admittedly \"Dr. Death,\" who kills everyone in his path. LOL

Comment by Sprish :
Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to
what already is? what could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what
is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.

Comment by Boxxy :
The greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life.

Comment by Frank Callo :
Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.

Comment by BObaxon :
Accept - then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not
against it.

Comment by Eckhart Tolle :
Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.

Comment by kruk :
Only a very shalow person with no basic insight can be so aggressive in attacking the path of spiritual discovery.
``Great`` pass, about importance of money and heroin. You must be a member of the greatest nation on earth. Not only
arrogant, but sadly stupid. Go on, fight your little war. Feed your inner demons with more adrenalin and negativity.  

Comment by eckharte tolle, jr. :
hey asshole. I\'ve read tolle\'s stuff and its plainly common sense made common. He is legit. He doesnt say anything
about not planning for your future. being an atheist (having studied the bible, quran, etc), his products are IMO the
best spirituality (not religion) products. Too bad, youre too dumb to understand common sense.

Comment by eckhart :
Suck my german dick.... NOW!

Comment by Nick Alexander :
A few more facts about Ekhart Tolle:
1. Some video analyses of him reveal what are termed holographic breakdown anomolies or evidence of shapeshifting. Also,
I have noticed him making very odd sounds suddenly, another possble indication of hologram projection breakdown. He
seems to be aware when this happens. 2. He went out of his way to speak favourably about Barak Obama, who is obviously
not in alignment with the best interests of humanity (Executive Orders, FEMA camps, war, secrecy, Illuminati, NWO,
reptilian agenda etc.) 3. He charges astronomical sums for his seminars - around a thousand dollars for a weekend! 4. He
is, like many oher new age gurus, an agent of distraction and diversion, a herder of sincere truth seekers, keeping them
going around in tight circles of disempowerment locked into Maya while the ruling \'elite\' go ahead with their plans
unseen and unchallenged. My conclusion (after reading all his books and listening to him speak) is that he is a
malevolent, shapeshifting, fourth dimeansional reptilian, a part of the illuminati agenda to take over Earth and
eradicate the human race except for a manageable slave population. I know this may sound outrageous but hey, who staged
9.11 and 7.7 and WW1 WW2 and JFK and Diana...?


Comment by truth? :
sorry, glitzy editing doesnt fool enlightened ones...

Comment by Alex :
Point out where he states you should love like your going to die today.... You cant because he doesnt state that all you
have completely misconstued everything grow sone intelligence oh theres my ego at it again...

Comment by ignacio :
I don\'t know if Eckart is a fake guru or not. I DON\'T KNOW!
What I do know is that you didn\'t understand a thing about what he said. Most of what he says are almost identical to
buddhism and hinduism teachings. Eckart present this knowledge  in a more palatable way. A little bit more sistematic I
would say.
The NOW is not living as there\'s no tomorrow. It\'s not let\'s enjoy life because we may be dead tomorrow. The NOW is
trying to live out of time. Living wildly to enjoy the present is still living in time. Living in the NOW is trying to
live out of time. I know it\'s not very rational. But reasoning can only go so far. This knowledge it\'s no mine nor
Eckart\'s. Read the teachings of people like Ramana Maharshi and you\'ll find that it\'s not that different.

Comment by O. B. Server :
	I have read your criticism of Eckhart Tolle and his books three times to see if I can isolate and identify exactly what
you object to and find dangerous in his explanations and advice. I re-read your conclusions to see if there is a logical
progression. First you refer to him as a “pseudo-spiritual guru”. The basis for this judgment is not clear. Is it
because you doubt he really ever had a spiritual experience? Is there any evidence he is making that up? Can you share
that evidence with us? Is it because you doubt that there even is such a thing as awakening, or enlightenment, or
self-realization of anyone? Or is because you have experienced personal enlightenment, and from that state of
consciousness can testify that the remarks of Tolle do not reflect the feelings and understandings that you now possess
and know to be true? Next you describe Tolle as “This master plagiarist of universal truisms and clichés, cobble
together books that no one can really disagree with, and if you read it with enough literary freedom, you can easily
mistake it for profound wisdom.” Well, I would hope so. If he has plagiarized other works with universal truths, why
would his words not be profound wisdom? There must be thousands of books that have been written on the religions of
mankind. These all repeat the same ideas and principles in the words of the current writer, and are in a sense, a
plagiarism. I have heard of nothing new in the 2500 years since Buddha’s enlightenment. Everything I read is a
re-recitation of the same ideas. Why pick on Tolle? If Tolle is in fact quoting other sources, why do you find them
vague and “misty”? Are the other texts that he is copying vague and misty? To sum up, you seem to be saying on one
hand that Tolle is speaking garbage, and on the other hand you argue Tolle is quoting the truth already revealed by
others. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways. You state you find his teaching quite dangerous in that it’s
urging us to reduce the amount of time we spend planning for the future. I don’t remember any statement in any of his
books that specifically talks against “planning”. He repeatedly points out that one cause of our suffering is
letting our thoughts dwell on anticipated unpleasant events we think will come, triggering an emotion over something
that isn’t happening. If you can cite the book and page that discourages “planning”, please report it. Your next
criticism is that Tolle advocates dropping the past fast, which limits our ability to learn from it before we discard
it. We are playing with words here. Tolle is not suggesting that enlightenment requires amnesia. A person living in the
Now is able to still recall bad experiences when necessary, at his or her choosing. What we are seeking is a discipline
of mind that prevents memories from playing over and over like a bad movie, beyond our control, keeping us awake at
night. As Tolle says, the ego embraces these memories and won’t let go, because we think these thoughts form our
identity. Another spiritual teacher, long before Tolle, summed it up this way: “If you have something to say, say it.
If you have something to do, do it. If it isn’t worth saying or doing, stop thinking about it.”

Comment by TheBride :
Sadly, my opinion is that Sounds True and Tami Simon, Tolle\'s managers, have ruined his work and reputation. He will
deteriorate to being a fad. They try to justify \"making money\' on this stuff, but---in reality---they can\'t justify
it. Once I saw him in person at an event, I lost interest in him as a trusted teacher. I walked out.

Comment by TheBride :
Oprah does not lend Tolle credibility. Unfortunately, she mostly talks about herself--and that is most telling.

Comment by MIchael :
Everything/most of what he says is true, but that doesn\'t make him enlightened or proves that he possesses great
spiritual power.Anyways \"destiny\" overides everything in this world .Whether you are rich,poor, enlightened, or an
animal w/2 legs. I believe the \"hidden\" paths are the ones that have great power(just the way it has seemed to
me)..and ET\'s is certainly \"not\" a hidden is a popular fad.

Comment by nnh :
You write this article to get attention and traffic to your website. How can anyone want any coaching with you who have
such negative views about other people. You can\'t be a happy, joyful person.

Comment by Senshusei :
Alan Watts (1915-1973) distilled Zen / Buddhism succinctly and explained it to Western audiences in an easy to
understand way. He did this decades before Tolle whose book \\\"The Power of Now\\\" is really an inferior copy of the
same material. The fact that Tolle does not acknowledge such obvious sources, and that he has dressed it all up as his
own experience of enlightenment is a disappointment. The fact that he may have helped so many by disseminating some
Eastern philosophy is commendable.

Comment by Leo :
Haven\'t read the whole book, but i have some familiarity with non-duality and meditation and Tolle\'s ideas. It\'s not
about denial of thought for any practical matters. Thought is real and is useful, and we should use it. It comes from
the mind, it exists, but it can\'t aprehend reality. It\'s extremely fine-tuned as an informational organ, it deals with
meaning in such and incredible way. In other words, thinking is super cool! It superimposes concepts on experience,
which is forever the only thing that is real, eternally the only thing there is, and it does it so well that in some
cases we lose touch with that experience. Experience has no barriers, no I, no You, no objects, just pure and open
conscious space. This knowledge, as described by these words, comes only from experience. It is therefore intrinscally
true. His words are only a guide to that realization of experience. And for what i have read, they are quite helpful.
They do in fact target a broad audience, and are(I suppose intentionally) rather vague and use some clitches here and
there. But what they point to (or that which points to them, actually), is not in the realm of thinking. You can only
see for yourself in your experience.

Comment by Hans :
This is what agree with you on: Mr Tolle should be more clear about what he means by \"living in the now\", and what he
DOES NOT mean. It can easily be misunderstood. 
This is how I understand mr Tolle:
We should definetely plan our lives, calculate and find out better ways to cope with the future. And make friends with
past. But what we should NOT do is to think about the (strictly speaking non existent) future or past, more than we need
to make our physical lives as easy as possible. The problem is that we do, and we do it way to much. We suffer, so to
say, when there is (strictly speaking) nothing to suffer from. By being able to live in the now, with an inner distance
to our thoughts and worries, we are capable of making the most and the best of our existence. As many \"truism\", this
becomes a great insight once you really understand it.

Comment by Michi :
psychiatrists & group therapy are better.

Comment by Michi :
psychiatrists & group therapy are better.

Comment by aquietperson :
Unless you have been in or lived this, even for a little while, then you will not know the bliss of it.
PS. Is Carl a money lender.  

Comment by Toll/Tolle :
Tolle\'s last name is not a birth name, but rather one that he chose. Toll means \"great\" in German and Tolle means
\"greatest.\" If Eckhart Tolle (not his given name) has no ego, then why does he refer to himself as \"the greatest?\"
My gripe is that it\'s hard to take advice from a self-made millionaire who dropped out of school. What does he have to
worry about? He\'s taken free philosophical values and packaged them into costly books and online \"TV\" programs. 

Comment by Helen :
Same old same old, I call it \"doom porn\" ie death and the end of humanity. A successful song played for thousands of
years...frauds. Thanks for the page.

Comment by Gloria :
I would like to share how dangerous a little knowledge wrapped in arrogance can brother was at a low point in
his life when he was approached by someone pedaling this \"message\". He read the book, took a class and has now decided
that this is all he needs in life. It is like he has joined a cult, won\'t listen to anyone just says read the book. So
I did read Tolle\'s books. Is it just my imagination or has he basically plagurized and bastardized the beautiful
principles that Alchoholics Anonymous is built on, and made millions in the process? My brother has lost some amazing
people from his life simply because of one man\'s egocentric ramblings.

Comment by Zubair :
Einstein never refuted Newtonian Lows of physics he expanded it and while studying quantum mechanics you never reject
Einstein theory of relativity but use it as a stepping stone to go beyond its realms towards new discoveries. That
should be the case while listening to Eckhart tolle words. Every person has his own way of experiencing the event of
life. Collect from around the world what can take you further in your journey of self discovery. In certain aspects your
criticism is justified and need answers form Eckhart tolle but at the same time we must realize that many philosophers
are trying to explain through some logic the cosmic drama and non can claim to have the absolute wisdom and all the

Comment by Mark James Bint :
In the early 90\\\\\\\'s i was walking around downtown eastside Vancouver operating the key chain outreach project i
created to reach at risk kids and i met this man and when i showed him my creation and explained it to him he asked if i
had written any of it down..shortly after he published the power of hillarious to me that the world sees a thief
as the moist spiritual man in the world..i forged my key chain from the fires of my own life experiences...incorporated
the teaching of living in the now into the key chain itself and then i paid homeless people to make them..25 cents for
each one it takes an houir to make 40 they earned 10 bux..then i walked around vancouver and sold them for a dollar and
told others about the premise of the power of now...the ,man never oncetold the to say...yes..i met a fellow
in vancouver who showed me this key chain and it made sense...if he had said that..just once..then he would have the end of the day..he sleeps with a few million dollars and i dont..hahaha..

Comment by Thinker :
Not to think, really!! Is he denying sentience, reason, intellect, science, empirical proof, medicine, engineering,
education, and I can go on and on and on.  Imagine a world of non-thinker?  Just feeling the moment???  

He is a genius though, he managed to turn his own self-loathing and inadequacies and turn a profit by feigning wisdom
and spirituality.  It says a lot about how needy and misguided we\\\'ve become.

Comment by :
i think he is a fake too! we might be the only three people on the whole planet, but there we go! He subscribes to
giving up all thoughts as beliefs and then replace them with his imprint. Which is not freedom from thought. To me he is
the making of a completely mad cult leader and the people who are living in the Now have completely forgotten that as
humans, we have responsibilities, and desires, and disappointments. Meanwhile, he still get richer by the day, and does
not yet seem willing to donate his wealth on the grounds that In the Now he has no need for it! Fake, Fake Fake. 

Comment by humanity :
Dear Sir, Every thing you have written is your perception. Insecure, ignorant and flawed. Where there is understanding
there is no fear. Your perception is full of fear. Ekart is not dangerous, but you sure are. I feel sorry for you and
people like you. No wonder we will never have peace on EARTH.

Comment by Jim :
Your comments about Eckhart are a clear reflection of your own nature. Even people like you have a place in this world.
We wouldn\'t have Eckhart if it wasn\'t for people like you. Thank you.

Comment by Cosmic :
This article is corporate driven, of course they dont want you to know what Tolle is vehemently (albeit distastefully)
trying to convey..

Tolles approach is interesting, and as the article describes, vague and not really backed by anything other than his

Problem is, planning for the future will lead to a life of \"Planning for the future\" and there is no real end of the
line in life, you never could stop planning for the future..

Discounting Tolles notions are expected, but only for the reasons Ive described, he is on the right path, but certainly
no where near what we are all eventually going to experience..

And yes originator, the difference between intellect and ego is the thinker knows how not to think...

The rest of the world? Well, they are the minority living under a select few who truly \"do not think\"... Or the world
would be better because of them...

Not the case..

Seeking the \"truth\" those in power know so well threatens them...

Stay stupid, stay fearful, keep feeding your subconscious all the thoughts corporate wants you to think (They stay on
top this way)

But who am I, and what do I know..

Comment by Pax North :
 It\'s interesting. I\'d picked up his book years ago, and thought, \'what a bunch of fluff\'. I picked it up about a
month ago, and something clicked in it\'s message.

 I was under the misconception that he was saying \'Don\'t ever think\', (which of course would be ridiculous) but he
discounts this in his writing. He does however, write that for many of us, \'Thinking\' is an obsessive hamster wheel of
abstract concept formation. Among other things, he encourages others to use \'thinking\' and \'planning\' as the
essential tools that they are, but then, to put them aside when they are not needed.

Comment by Johann :
Eckhart has simply done a cut and paste from various religions and philosophies (e.g. Nietzsche, Sartre, existentialism)
and combined them with modern, capitalist-influenced New Age beliefs. The result is a rather half-baked,
pseudo-religious ideology. There is nothing new about what he writes or says.

Comment by Bojan :
Nothing new at all in what Tolle has written, but then again that isn't a critique. Afterall, no motherfucker is going
to pick up Buddh'as teaching's, or Gilbrain's. They may pick up Tolle's however. I'm wary of anything that bitch Oprah
has to recommend, but still, to all of you stupid fucks in this comment section; Thinking is not BAD, and Tolle does NOT
say it is. Thinking is a tool. An unbias tool, which can be used constructively or destructively. Most of the people on
this planet are using it destructively. The point is to silence the 'noise', and then let your true voice come through.
Empty the harbour, and allow a better ship to sail in. Our minds are not our own. We're told what to think and how to
think via every section of society - media, entertainment, education, science - EVERYTHING. So how about reclaiming our
minds, and shed the reason and rational that the material Western thinking has imposed upon us. 

Comment by This Guy :
You have missed the point. It is not to dwell on the past. That's like saying the point of education is to know facts.
Its a very small part of a self transformation that allows you to be free from the projected self you've created with
your mind. Your mind is not what and who you are. You are, as are all, an eternal being. You are THE eternal being. You
don't need to figure this out if you choose not to. The moment you die, you remember. 

Comment by karin :
this crazy moron Tolle is the main reason my husband went batshit crazy and left. my ex became a huge fan of his work
about a year before our divorce and it made him ”live now” by discarding a 7 year marriage (that used to be good b4
this bs), discarding any and all ambitions and treating everyone like crap for ”refusing to see the real world”.
myeah, seems like my ex is a crazy moron too...

Comment by Eric :
Did you try to "speed read" the book? I do have my issues with the book, but I don't recall him saying that we should
ignore the consequences like you seem to have implied.

Comment by Angelic1966 :
Tolle, Barry Long, Krishnamurti, Adi Da, Sai Baba and Ramana Maharshi and a long line of gurus and saviours teachers and
messiahs are just cogs in a global reptilian alien agenda that has been going on for millenia, whose calling card is
denial/suppression/submission/annihilation of the human ego..I spent years studying and practising their junk and am now
finally glad to be throwing off all that garbage finally for True Freedom and Balance of the Spirit ( I and everybody
have an in-built guide/teacher hardwired into us since birth - the (so-called) Higher Self or Daimon which is the only
one I ever trust from now on !

Comment by dezi :
That you would borrow $ and leave your debt for others shows your true self

Comment by David D :
Seeing him with the world's biggest fraud Oprah speaks for itself. I think the poor of India and Bangladesh was lynch
this guy. To actually spend time writing and pandering this crap takes a real narcissistic ratbag

Comment by kerry :
I believe Mr Tolle is very spiritual and an excellent teacher.
He leaves it up to each person to decide for themselves.

Comment by eck. :
Stop talking nonsense! Tolle doesn't say you must not plan anything for the future! Read him well before you critisize!

Comment by :
All this seems a bit ridiculous, people will always fear what they don't understand.  And whether they understand it or
not it seems there is more to life than what we can perceive.  Not saying he's the messiah, not saying there ever was
one, but I am saying this is exactly how Jesus teachings were met, with great skepticism.  There will always be
skeptics.  And these people seem to think that spiritual teachers should work for free, right and being broke allows
them to spread their message.  Why do people connect the spiritual with needing to work for free?  The person has
dedicated their life to something, so they don't deserve to get paid bc of the subject matter?  Also, Just because the
message exists doesn't mean it does the way he sees it.  Just because a doctor already exists doesn't mean no one else
should become one.  As you transition into your next life you will be able to see that what speaks is true.  It's pretty
impossible to fake being at peace 24/7, unless he's the most gifted man in the world, in which case he deserves millions
for the rarity of his ability

Comment by :
All this seems a bit ridiculous, people will always fear what they don't understand.  And whether they understand it or
not it seems there is more to life than what we can perceive.  Not saying he's the messiah, not saying there ever was
one, but I am saying this is exactly how Jesus teachings were met, with great skepticism.  There will always be
skeptics.  And these people seem to think that spiritual teachers should work for free, right and being broke allows
them to spread their message.  Why do people connect the spiritual with needing to work for free?  The person has
dedicated their life to something, so they don't deserve to get paid bc of the subject matter?  Also, Just because the
message exists doesn't mean it does the way he sees it.  Just because a doctor already exists doesn't mean no one else
should become one.  As you transition into your next life you will be able to see that what speaks is true.  It's pretty
impossible to fake being at peace 24/7, unless he's the most gifted man in the world, in which case he deserves millions
for the rarity of his ability

Comment by bubbu nonuthin :
You can judge a tree by its fruits...letting your common sense be the judge.  (the fruit of any higher evolved
consciousness, which we seem to have none, is a balanced body and demeanor.)  Do I need to spell this one out??

Comment by Muhammad Ali :
man you are too soft and very polite with this bastard ' eckhart tolle " bring this bastard to the wild wild middle east
and we would happily decapitate him and enjoy our "power of now" the middle eastern way with him lol , this bastard
destroyed my life completely i lost everything in my life because of him i lost my balance because of him i lost my
soulmate because of him she went to sleep with a worthless bastard because  "she enjoyed the now moment with him " she
admit to me that he is abusing her taking her money to have sex with her asking for money to buy clothes and pocket
money to enjoy with his friends , a psychic told me that 'without knowing"  he is abusing her and he is not a pure man
and she is more pure than him , when i told my 'supposed' soulmate she said oh yeah " i know that i'm just enjoying the
power of now ' lol oh while i was her real potential soulmate who want to stay with her forever and taking care of her
and her daughters , she was totally immersed in the teachings of this bastard "eckhart tolle' and now after the deepest
shock in my life i lost all control , my future is gray and cloudy and guess what i was a light worker now i'm thinking
seriously to join the entire forces of darkness and the most evil of evil and destroy the entire worthless planet earth
with the fucking mother earth , welcome to the power of now the middle eastern version lol what makes my heart more
bleeding is the fact she destroyed her own self too not only me . when the stupid power of now gone she will be totally
alone and suffer from an illogical decision taken years ago under the guidance of an idiot called eckhart tolle .

Comment by You're asleep :
I know it sounds insane logically from your normal state of understanding and mode of cognition but there is something
very real he is attempting to impart upon people. He's trying too hard in my opinion though. People aren't going to just
"get it" all the sudden as he aimlessly throws around words everyone interprets slightly differently.

Comment by :
You're trusting the very mind-set that will lead you to believe the world is flat and the sky is blue. Wake up. Its
about realizing an indescribable mode of consciousness that transcends words. Don't take what he (or anyone) says
literally. Language is surprisingly weak. We can experience 1000's of emotions but have named only 50 or so. That is why
its sometimes difficult express how exactly how you feel. 
You and the interviewers on that video clearly did not read anything about the man either. He made no effort to defend
himself but he could have guilt-tripped that guy pretty hard for the questions he asked and the circumstances of Tolle's
past. An inspiring story really, that he does't put in a single book of his. He's transcended the delusions we've
developed to help us operate in this world as it is. Useful concepts like yesterday and tomorrow, but these are no more
than ideas, not a part of the physical universe and reality as it is now.